December 18, 2015


Abs are beautiful. They are an amazing and highly important part of the body. They support your ENTIRE body in more ways than most know. They help your posture. They take away back pain (if they're strong enough, if not then they need to be worked on!) Yes, I am completely guilty of neglecting my abs, cause I am feeling some lower back discomfort. So, trainers, fitness models, and fitness obsessed people that I have researched, say that if you get your abs strong, you won't feel back pain or have so many back problems. I want to believe this, so I'm going to go for it!

By the way...

But every day I have to remind myself, not just once or twice, but a hundred times that...


At any rate, this workout will get your hear rate up and feeling a burn in the abs!

Note, this workout uses weights to make it more challenging, at least for myself. Cause not adding some extra resistance, I feel like I'm not doing anything, and it takes way too many boring reps to get to that burning sensation. With that mentioned, these exercises can be done using absolutely no equipment whatsoever! So even if you don't have weights you can use on hand, you can still do this right in the comfort of your home! Or hotel room? Or guest bedroom at somebody's house for the holidays?

FRIDAY'S 19min HIIT Abs:
1min - 4 Weighted V-Ups 
1min - Right Side Crunch 
1min - Left Side Crunch 
1min - 4 Russian Twist Boat-Ups to 6 Scissors
1min - 2 Mogul Planks to 2 Plank Jacks to 2 Reach-Behind Planks
1min - 2 Push-Up Knee-Ins (have Dumbbells in your hands then roll-over) to 2 Wght't Bicycle Sit-ups 
1min - Right Side Crunch 
1min - Left Side Crunch 
1min - Alt. 10 Weighted Side Plank Lifts (hold weight on your hip)
1min - U-Boats (sitting, lean back on forearms and draw a "u" in the air with feet together)
1min - Hanging Knee-ups (OR W/out equipment do Leg Raises on floor)
1min - 5 Weighted Side Plank Reach-Under
[Optional Rest 1min]
1min 2 Weighted Split V-Ups to 4 Knee Hugs
1min 4 Jackknife to 2 Knee Hugs
1min - 2 Spider-Man Planks to 2 Side-to-Side Foot-Tap Plank to 2 Plank Twists
1min - Resisted Frog Press
1min - Right Side Crunch 
1min - Left Side Crunch 
1min - 4 Explosive Push-ups to 4 Mt. Climbers 

December 16, 2015

WEDNESDAY'S 24min HIIT Workout

Changing up the routine just a little, but still incorporating a lot of the same "Better Than Running Exercises," cause I'm not all that big I on running. But these HIIT workouts are better than running, because it keeps your body guessing and not getting bored, and thus burning loads more fat, instead of burning muscle.

WEDNESDAY'S 24min HIIT Workout:
Do 12 Rounds of 2min Intervals

2min - Sumo Squat Jumps 
2min - Pull-ups
2min - Weighted Sumo Squat Jumps 
2min - Alt. Push-up Row to Single-Arm Clean & Press
2min - 4 Lunge Jumps to 4 Jack Squats 
2min - Explosive Push-ups
2min - 2 Spider-Man Planks to 2 Plank Jacks to 2 Plank Twists
2min - 4 Weighted Bicycle Sit-ups to 2 Weighted V-Ups
2min - Weighted Sumo Squats
2min - 10 Left Romanian Lunge Jumps to 10 Right side
2min - 2 Push-up Knee-In to 4 Jump Squats 
2min - Close-Grip Push-up Burpee with Alt. Roundhouse Kick

Good job! You've just revved up your metabolism into fat burning mode!

Now stretch for at least 5min!

December 15, 2015

TUESDAY"S Better Than Running Workout 5

Today was kind of rough finding motivation to workout. 

And I thought of one of my fitness inspirations: 

Cause, let's be honest, it never seemed like the right time to do so, even though each one of those times would have been perfectly fine times to workout. I  mean, it's not like I'm going to die missing my two and half hour mark for my next little protein meal by working out over that time. Cause...

So fuel up shortly after the heart pumping session!

Still, days come, like today and yesterday where you feel like you can't get it right. So let it go. Know that it can't be perfect.

But no matter what, we have have to do what works best for us and not be afraid to take chances and just do it anyways!

So, here's to facing fears and worries and just pushing onward!

This is about a half hour power through, you might even be able to faster than that? Otherwise, beginners, slash the reps in half and do your best!

TUESDAY'S Better Than Running Workout 5:

80 Double Under Jump Rope 
60 Jump Squats 
40 Weighted V-Ups
20 Push-up Claps
20 Lunge Jumps
40 Romanian Lunge Jumps
60 Sumo Squat Jumps 
80 Double Under Jump Rope 
20 Explosive Push-ups
20 Push-up Knee-In
40 Romanian Lunge Jumps 
60 Plank Jacks
80 Double Under Jump Rope 
60 Jack Squats
40 Weighted Knee-Ins
20 Push-up Plank Twist