March 31, 2015

CrossFit@Home W/MMA - Day1 Abs&Legs

Today's Tuesday Training was because the last couple of days I have been missing my MMA training, so I decided to throw it in with my CrossFit inspired workouts.

The Strength Start-Up, the MMA Start-Up, the WOD Start-Up, and the MMA Step-Up  (took me about 26min). (The WOD On-Fire, the MMA On-Fire, and the Strength On-Fire parts - including rest in between - took me 19min). Followed by Yoga and Stretching.

Day5Arms&Legs: (it was a little bit of both)

Strength Start-Up:
                           8min Tabata: 40sec Hard, 20sec Rest
                                               Competition Burpee with Double Push-Up Knee-In
                                               Wgt'd V-Ups
                                               L. Single-Arm DB Swing
                                               R. Single-Arm DB Swing
                                               Reverse Crunch
                                               Competition Burpee with Double Push-Up Plank Twist
                                               Seated Knee Tucks
                                               Jump Squat

Rest for 1min

MMA Start-Up
                  2min Rounds
                                               Round 1 = Side Kick to Side Hammer Strike to Front Hammer Strike
                                               Round 2 = Roundhouse to Reverse Elbow Strike

WOD Start-Up:
                        8min AMRAP        
                                                 10 Pistol Squats 
                                                 10 Push-Ups
                                                 10 Leg Raises

Rest for 1min

MMA Step-Up
                  2min Rounds
                                               Round 1 = Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut, Duck, Back Elbow Strike
                                               Round 2 = Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut, Side Hammer Strike to Front 
                                                                 Hammer Strike

Strength On-Fire:
                                                  R. Single-Arm DB Swing
                                                  L. Single-Arm DB Swing

Rest for 1min

MMA On-Fire
                  2min Rounds
                                               Round 1 = Side Kick to Roundhouse to Reverse Elbow Strike to 
                                                                 Overhead Hammer (Knife) Strike
                                               Round 2 = Front Overhead Forearm Block to Uppercut to Front Elbow 
                                                                Strike to Double Knee Strike

WOD On-Fire
                                                  Grasshopper (In plank position, jump foot across you body past the            
                                                                       opposite elbow - like an advanced Plank Twist)
                                                  Leg Raise to Toe Touch Crunch
                                                  Bicycle Sit-Ups OR Bicycle Crunches
                                                  Sumo Squat Jump


Yoga & Stretch for 10min

A Remmington Pirates Book 1 Excerpt

A night Jacob is aboard Admiral Crazy Lou's docked ship at Portsmouth Point, Portsmouth, England in summer 1706:

     "They said it was a key. My mother said this was my inheritance. I didn't know what she meant, because it was just a ruby gem. But now I'm thinking there's treasure connected to that ruby necklace and this map. I don't know how,but I need to find out if this really is a dead end like ye say," said Jacob in his southern Irish accent.
     Lou was deep in thought, studying the tiny creases in his desk. It seemed like forever before he finally spoke. "Where'd you get the map?"
     Jacob's face lightened up. "It was my mother's. I hid it in a secret place on yer ship when we first met, where yez let me have a room to myself."
     "You've always had it? Why didn't you tell me about it?"
     "My mother told me to keep this map a secret. 'Dont trust anyone wit' it,' she said."
     "Oh! Can I see it?"
     "Aye." Jacob handed it to him.
     Lou pulled up a chair and pulled the candle closer to him. He examined the roughly sketched and faded map. He picked it up and looked at it from the back, above the light.
     Jacob watched him with puzzlement as to what the English pirate could possibly be looking for.
     Several minutes passed. Lou continued to analyze its texture and accurateness in distance to where it might be on an actual map by comparing it with one of his maps of Europe.
     "This is a copy." Lou looked up at Jacob finally.
     "How do yez know?"
     "The tale of this Ruby Treasure has been around for almost three-hundred years. Firstly, this paper is too modern. It's at least fifty years old. Secondly, the writing is as if someone was either in a hurry trying to get the sketch done or someone needed to practice writing more. It's too sloppy, and almost looks nervously done."
     Jacob was struck dumb.
     "And thirdly, this island," Lou pointed to Jacob's map, "is not on the map," he then pointed to his map of Europe.
     "But if it were, it would be right here," Jacob pointed to a sea-surrounded area on the map of Europe.
     "What did I tell you before?"
     "'For centuries it has driven people mad and brought them to naught but dead ends,' I know. But Captain Stone is threatening my life if I don't get him the ruby in three weeks."
     "Captain Stone?" Lou looked surprised. He sighed exasperatedly, scratching the top back part of his head. "So what do you think you need to do?"
     Jacob was slightly taken off guard by the question. He shook his head silently. Hopelessly. He then chuckled with a modest smirk. " I could just flee. Hope I don't get caught." He shrugged.
     Lou nodded. "Aye, don't let him control your life. I'll even help protect you if I can." It was Lou's turn to chuckle and smirk. "Maybe you could give him a fake?"
     "Like a replica?"
     "Exactly!" Lou pointed his pointer finger at Jacob with excitement. "Because, we don't have time for Captain Stone's nonsense. I have a lead for some abandoned treasure on an ancient Roman island, called Lupus Island."
     "Lupus Island?"
     "Aye. It was a popular trading post at one point and time...uh...around the year 900."
     "That doesn't sound so bad."
     "Well, except that it is heavily guarded by these giant wolves. Anyone who tries to stay on the island for long ends up wolf dinner. But those are just rumors. So why not investigate for ourselves?"

March 30, 2015

Monday's MAGIC SWEAT - CrossFit@Home - Day5Arms&Legs

Feel the oxygen flow nicely into the your lungs after this workout. Are you up for it?

How fast can you go while staying in perfect form?

Remember, to change out any exercises for something you can do if you have pain or kack if equipment or...something.

The Strength Start-Up and the WOD Start-Up (took me about 30min). (The WOD On-Fire and the Strength On-Fire parts - including rest in between - took me ____min). And then of course there is the cool down of stretching at the end, but before I finished stretching I did some MMA practice (at least 8min).

Day5Arms&Legs: (it was a little bit of both)

Strength Start-Up:
                            Do 5 Rounds
                                               20 Pull-Ups
                                               20 Squat Toe Touch
                                               20 Squat Pulses

Rest for 2min
Jump Rope 2min
Rest 1min

WOD Start-Up:
                                                 Lunge Jumps
                                                 Push-Up Plank Twist

Rest for 2min
Jump Rope 2min
Rest 1min

Strength On-Fire:
                                                  Competition Burpees
                                                  Hollow Rocks
                                                  Squat Jumps
                                                  Mountain Climbers

Rest for 2min
Jump Rope 2min
Rest 1min

WOD On-Fire
                                                  Double Tuck Jump to Push-Up
                                                  Burpee to Single Snatch (Alternate Sides)
                                                  Sumo Squat Pulse
                                                  Double Lunge Jump to Spider-Man Push-Up

Rest&Stretch for 2min
MMA Practice for 4min
Yoga for 2min