November 27, 2015

THANKFUL Sweaty Circuit Training

I almost didn't workout on Thanksgiving day, but restlessness got to me by 19:30 and I couldn't not get alone by myself for a half hour-ish sweat session!

THANKFUL Sweaty Circuit Training

Warm-Up:   10-10-10-10
Double Squat Jack Half Burpee
Close-Grip Push-Up
Skater Lunge (1/2 ea. side)

Rest 2 min

Strength On-Fire:   12 min HIIT
2 min - 2 Lunge Jumps to 2 Squat Jumps to 2 Push-Ups
2 min - Alt. 10 Reverse Lunge (each side)
2 min - Sumo Squat
2 min - Alt. Single-Arm Clean and Press
2 min - Alt. 10 Single-Arm Bent-Over Row (each side)
2 min - Reverse Squats

Rest 2-3 min.

Step-Up Abs:    12-6
Romanian Lunge (each side)
Side Plank Lift (each side)
Sumo Squat Toe Touch
Resisted Single Leg Press
Resisted Frog Press


Resisted Single Leg Press

Resisted Frog Press


Burn, burn, burn! 

Getting breathless and sweaty and exhausted...that's the mission. That means it's working and we're getting stronger.

Burn, burn, burn!

That's the goal every time we hit the "workout" button in our daily agendas. This is not a game!

FRIDAY'S FITNESS: At-Home Circuit Training 

FullBody Burn Off:

Warm-Up:    8min AMRAP
10 Lunge Jumps
10 Squat Jumps
10 Push-ups 
10 Single-Arm Bent-Over Row

Strength-On-Fire:    20-20-10-10
Sumo Squat
Alt. Single-Arm Clean & Press
 Reverse Squat
Close-Grip Push-ups 
Knee Tucks
Leg Lifts

Ab Step-Up:    20 Reps each
Knee Tucks
Mountain Climbers 
Leg Lifts
Bicycle Sit-Ups
Plank Jacks
Resisted Single-Leg Press
Resisted Frog Press
Mogul Plank

November 25, 2015

WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Arms & FullBody Circuit Training

Happy Wednesday folks! It's a great day to start fresh, to start again, to keep going, to stay positive, to want your dreams more!

Don't let anyone or anything stop you! Sometimes you have to kick your excuses in the face and be stronger than them, even when you're work environment is being surrounded by chocolate and candy. Seriously, though, I sell that stuff right now, and it's a real self-control exerciser! Every day is a challenge and you decide who's going to win your present desire or your future desire. 

One thing that helps me is remembering that: "Today's choices decide the future," (by someone I am afraid I do not remember).


WARNING: The following workout could take you up to an hour or more or less, depending on your fitness level. So. You may want to break it up into 1-4 separate workouts.

And this next imagery quote is true, even if I am not a true CrossFit nut, but I am nuts over HIIT and heart pumping, circuit training and pushing myself...

WEDNESDAY'S WORKOUT: Arms & FullBody Circuit Training 

Warm-Up:         10-10-20-10-10
Jump Squats Knee Strike
Close-Grip Push-Ups

Rest 2-3 min

16min Tabata Arms:

                             1min                             |.             1min
         2 Lunge Jump to 2 Squats Jump.    |.         Sumo Squat
         5 Lat Raise to 5 Front Raise.             |.          U-Boat
          5 Flye to 5 Bicep Curl.                      |.           Sumo Squat
           5 Jack Squats to 2 Pistol Squats.    |.        Seated Row
         2 Skull Crushers to 2 Wght'd V-Ups.  |.        Sumo Squat
            4 Dips to 4 Hanging Knee Ups.       |.        Tricep Kickback
   4 Curtsy Lunge to 2 Squats (alt. Sides).    |.        2 Scissors to Reverse Crunch
         Alt. Single-Arm Clean and Press.        |.         Close-Grip Push-Ups

Rest 3min

Strength On-Fire:       4 Rounds
10 Chest Press
30 Weighted Bridge Lift
12 Weighted V-Ups
6 Alt. Single-Arm KB Swings

Rest 3min

Cash-Out:         12min HIIT
2min -->. 4 Curtsy Lunge to 4 Reverse Squats
1min -->.  Seated Row 
1min -->.  Seated Knee Tuck
1min -->.  Dips
1min -->.  Frog Press

Stretch:    5-8min

Some hard to find how-to's:


Frog Press: