July 29, 2014

Hannah'sHeroShred 7 - Pyramid Abs

This workout is for time.
How fast can you go?

Last time I did this workout - which was September 2013 - I finished in 26 minutes. Today I finished in 20 minutes.

10 Plank-Ups
20 Scorpion Push-Ups
30 Weighted V-Ups
40 Plank Twists
50 Left Side Crunches
60 Weighted Cougar Crawls
50 Right Side Crunches
40 Plank Twists
30 U-Boats
20 Triangle Push-Ups
10 Plank-Ups



Scorpion Push-Ups

Weighted V-Ups (optional to hold a weight between hands. I held 20 lb dumbbell)

Plank Twists

Side Crunches

Weighted Cougar Crawls (hold a 10-20 pound dumbbell in each hand)

U-Boats (draw a "u" with your feet)

Triangle Push-Ups

Be Determined

I confess, I have been a very lazy bum since -when? February? Yea, probably. The little will-power I had over the past few months twindled to this summer of having no motivation whatsoever to workout. No motivation to keep the sweet stuff out of my mouth.

The past couple of days the word that has been the most motivating and convincing to myself to change (because. I have realized that I did not want to change, but conform to the world's "eat whatever, whenever and forget taking time to workout" mindset) 

So this morning before work - I did a 10 minute workout. And when I got home from work, I did a - what turned out to be a - 20 minute workout, because it was for time.

So what were the words to inspire and motivate me?

"Be Determined"

Be determined to changed your body. 
Be determined to lose weight. 
Be determined to have self-control in eating. 
Be determined to work on your passions. 
Be determined to eat more meat and not sweets. 
Be determined to drink more water and nothing at all. 
Be determined to get more sleep. 
Be determined to say no when appropriate. 
Be determined to grow my relationship with God.

Be Dtermined...

What's your "Be Determined"?

May 20, 2014

Hannah'sHeroShred 6 - Burpee and DB Swing in 15/1 Workout

AWhat the heck do I mean?

Well, first of off, let me just say....

Look bad after a workout? Check!

All right so, I clearly cannot hold a camera still after a workout; my muscles are just a bit too fatigued to hold anything perfectly still, but that's okay.

Now the original workout I found was 15/1:

15 Burpees
1 Squat Press
14 Burpees
 2 Squat Press
13 Burpees 
3 Squat Press
12 Burpees
4 Squat Press
11 Burpees
5 Squat Press
 10 Burpees
6 Squat Press
9 Burpees
 7 Squat Press
8 Burpees
8 Squat Press
7 Burpees
9 Squat Press
6 Burpees
10 Squat Press 
5 Burpees
11 Squat Press
 4 Burpees
12 Squat Press
3 Burpees
13 Squat Press
2 Burpees
14 Squat Press
1 Burpee
15 Squat Press

Got it?

BUT I changed it up. 

I decided to do different variations of the Burpee instead of the same one each time. So be creative and come up with your own variations.

The second exercise, I did dumbbell swings instead if the squat press because I wanted more cardio and glute workout. If you don't have dumbbells or heavy enough dumbbells, use books. Surely, you've got books or shopping bags you can fill with something heavy-like? 

Again, get creative! Use what you have in your house/home. Don't let "But I don't have the 'right' equipment" phrase stop you from trying those exercises that you want to try. I am going to say it again....GET CREATIVE!

This is my version:

Hannah'sHeroShred - 15/1 

15 Burpees
1 Dumbell Swing OR Hindu Squat
14 Hand-Release Push-Up Jump Burpees (or some call it the explosive push-up)
 2 Dumbell Swing OR Hindu Squat
13 Feet Clap Plank Jack Push-up Burpees 
3 Dumbell Swing OR Hindu Squat
12 Spider-Man Burpees
4 Dumbell Swing OR Hindu Squat
11 Froggy Burpees
5 Dumbell Swing OR Hindu Squat
 10 Double Hand-Release Push-up Plank Twist Burpees
6 Dumbell Swing OR Hindu Squat
9 Burpee Tuck Jump
 7 Dumbell Swing OR Hindu Squat
8 Double Hand-Release Push-up Knee-In Burpees
8 Dumbell Swing OR Hindu Squat
7 Double Jack Squat Burpees
9 Dumbell Swing OR Hindu Squat
6 Opposition Reach Behind Burpees
10 Dumbell Swing OR Hindu Squat
5 Competition Burpees
11 Dumbell Swing OR Hindu Squat
 4 Hand-Release Shoulder-Tap Burpees
12 Dumbell Swing OR Hindu Squat
3 Broad Jump Burpees
13 Dumbell Swing OR Hindu Squat
2 Explosive Burpees
14 Dumbell Swing OR Hindu Squat
1 Explosive Burpee
15 Dumbell Swing OR Hindu Squat


Burpee - push-up then jump to standing position so you can jump as high as possible and immediately drop back into push-up position to start over

Dumbell Swing 


Hindu Squat

May 14, 2014

Chia'd Strawberry-Nana Spinach Smoothie

It looks disgusting but tastes so sweet and delicious! I myself am shocked by its yumminess!

2 cups frozen Spinach (20 cal, 2g protein)
1 cup frozen Stawberries (50 cal)
1 small (refrigerated) Banana (90 cal)
1 1/2 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (45 cal, 1.5g protein)
2 Tablespoons Ground Chia (60 cal, 2g protein)
Total 265 calories

May 3, 2014

Hannah'sWarriorShred 36 - Sweaty Fat Blast (590reps in less that half an hour!)

That's right! 590 reps total of 13 different exercises. Ok maybe it's 12, because you repeat the exercise you stared out with at the end. No worries! 

I completed it in 27 minutes. Can you beat my time?

And don't beat yourself up if you don't. Even if it takes you an hour to get it done, you're still torching a ton of stored up fat, as long as you are pushing yourself all the way. 

And yes you can rest when you need too! That's how you keep going. Do some stretches, drink some water, let your body re-build its energy back up to keep going hard again.

90 High Knee Jump Rotations
20 Hand-Release Push-Up
20 Elevated Lunge Jump
30 (Lyong Down) Leg Raises
90 Mountain Climbers
20 Close-Grip Push-Up with Opposing Elbow to Knee Crunch
20 Pistol Squats
30 Hollow-Man Frog Press-Ups
90 Cross-Body Mountain Climbers
20 Hand-Release Push-Up Jump
20 Curtsy Lunge Hop
30 U-Boats
90 High Knee Jump Rotations

What To Do:
High Knee Jump Rotations (I used imaginary jump rope)

Hand-Release Push-Up Knee-In

Elevated Lunge Jump

 (Lyong Down) Leg Raises

Mountain Climbers

Close-Grip Push-Up with Opposing Elbow to Knee Crunch (or as the 2nd picture says....)

Pistol Squats
Or the modified options

Hollow-Man Frog Press-Ups

Cross-Body Mountain Climbers

Hand-Release Push-Up Jump

Curtsy Lunge Hop


April 26, 2014

Hannah'sWarriorShred - 3 Rounds to NoTimeWorkout III - Piece of Cake

8-10minutes to get your heart rate up? 


Do it!

3 Rounds:

10 PushUps 
20 Plank Row (20 each side)
30 Jump (Goblet) Squat
20 Side Crunches (20 each side)

How to:

10 PushUps
Or the modified version
Your goal is to barely tap your chest to the ground without your hips sagging and touching the ground when you lower yourself. Keep your back straight.

A bonus challenge for your first rep - Push-Up Clap

20 Plank Row (alternate 10 each side till both sides have done 20)
In England last year I did not have any dumbbells to use so I used books for extra weight. So get creative! No excuses!
Or modified

30 (Jump) (Goblet) Squats
First ten hold a dumbbell doing jump squats, then set do next ten jump squats without weight,
then do last ten without the jump but go as low as you can!!

20 Side Crunches (20 each side)