February 10, 2015

Grappling Hook

Who invented the grappling hook?

The Romans!


Because they could not fight the Phoenicians by ship, whom were good at naval battle. The Romans were good at land battle. So, while on their ship, they invented the grappling hook to latch onto their enemy's ship and pulled their ship close enough to board the enemy ship for close--combat.

I was mind blown by this discovery. Cause it makes so much sense! It's good to know! Cause, ever since 3rd century BC, pirates have adapted the tool.

Below is a picture of Romans attacking an Egyptian ship:

My Remmington Pirates use it in the 1700s with all the other pirates and naval sailors using it too.

Below is from Assassins Creed Black Flag: Can you find the grappling hook?

January 31, 2015

Bacon-Pancakes (Gluten, Dairy, Soy, and Nut Free)

My new favourite meal is Bacon Pancakes.

I ne'er thought such combination would taste so exquisitely delicious!

1 slice Smoked Hickory Bacon, cut in half (start cooking it right away. I like my bacon soft, barely crunchy)

1/4 c + 1 T Betty Crocker's GF All-Purpose Flour
Scant 1/8 t Baking Powder
Scant dash of Salt
1 & 1/2 T Truvia (or sugar)
Dump/Dash of Cinnamon
(Blend all the dry ingredients well)

4 Egg Whites (or 2 whole eggs)
2 T Earth Balance Butter and Bacon Fat (melted in the pan and then pour into the bowl of mixed dry ingredients, where the whisking of wet and dry ingredients happens)

Once  all ingredients are smooth and blended, pour over bacon. Use back of spoon to spread it out over and around the bacon evenly.

The pancake batter is very thick. You could add more liquid of some sort to thin it our if you refer your pancakes thin. I, however, prefer mine thick, so I have not tried thinning out the batter. That would be your experience to report.

After you pancake is cooked, you eat it obviously, but I have no experience eating it with anything on top of it, because I like plain and simple. That is they way of my tastebuds. So once again, that will be your adventure - to enhance the flavour in whichever direction you want it...???

I mean what could wrong with bacon flavoured pancakes?

...maybe that's a dangerous question to ask....

January 29, 2015

Jacked Up Wolverine Workout - Thursday's Arms & Chest

The Wolverine Workout Thursday Routine – Chest & Arms

The workout really is doable if broken up into sections over 2-3 days if your schedule doesn't allow this kind of training. 

Or you could just not do some of the sections, like Strengthening Circuit or the MMA Training. You could just do the Tabata Interval Warm-Up and 1-2 Sets of Strengthening or something else you want to do? Run? Bike? Even just doing the 8min Tabata and calling it good for the day works on your busier or lazy days. I mean, at least you're trying right? It's definitely a start! [=

At any rate, here are my times for the different sections in the workou.

Thur (Jan 29) = 111min
Warm-up = 14min
5min Rest

Circuit 1: Total = 63min
1st Strength Round 10:30min
4min Rest 
1st MMA Round (R. Roundhouse Kick) 5min
2nd Strength Round 8:30min
4min Rest 
2nd MMA Round (L. Roundhouse Kick) 5min
3rd Strength Round 8:30min
4min Rest 
3rd MMA (Roundhouse Kick to Side Forearm Block to Palm Strike) 5min
4th Strength Round 8:30min

4min Rest
14min MMA
11min Yoga n Stretch

12min Tabata Interval Warm-Up: 1min High 30sec Low for 8 Rounds
1st Round - Burpee Kick-Through 
2nd Round - Row 
3rd Round - Spider-Man Burpee
4th Round - L. Single-Arm KB Swing
5th Round - Plank Twist Burpee
6th Round - R. Single-Arm KB Swing
7th Round - Dive Bomber Burpee 
8th Round - Jump Squats 

5min Rest

Strengthening Circuit: Do 4 Rounds
6 reps (Heaviest) + 6 reps (lighter but can barely do) Shoulder Press 
Incline Dumbbell Press Supersets (4 sets of 6 at 3 different degrees of motion):
6 reps Steep Incline Dumbbell Press
6 reps Standard Incline Dumbbell Press
6 reps Flat Bench Dumbbell Press
10 reps Flys 
10 reps Narrow Grip Bench Press 
8 reps Triceps Press
8 reps Dips 
8 reps Triceps Press
8 reps Diamond Pushups  
4min rest
5min Rounds (1st Roundhouse/Spin Hook Kick; 2nd Front Kick to Spin Hook Kick; 3rd Spin Hook Kick)

Cardio For Thursday:

4min Rest (after completing the strengthening circuit)

14min Round (7min each side) (build on if bored)
                to 1st BG R. Hollow-Out to R. Hook punch to L. Cross Punch to R. Round Kick to R. Double Elbow Strike to L. Overhead Hammer Strike 
                to 2nd BG L. Back Kick to L. Forearm Block to R. Uppercut (stomach) to Double R. Knee then spin 
               to 2nd BG (front) Duck & Forearm Block to Side Kick to Forearm Block to Front Kick (in opposite Fighting Stance)

11min Rest n Yoga

Jacked Up Wolverine Workout - Back & Biceps - Wednesday

The quick look at my time for this Wolverine Workout is...

Wed (Jan 28) = 104.5min
Warm-up = 8min

Circuit 1: Total = 49:30min
1st Strength Round 6:30
4min Rest 
1st MMA Round (Side Kick and Spin Side Kick) 5min
2nd Strength Round 6min
4min Rest 
2nd MMA Round (Spin Side Kick to Side Hammer to Front Hammer) 5min
3rd Strength Round 5min
4min Rest 
3rd MMA Round (Cover&Advance to Palm to Spin Side Kick) 5min
4th Strength Round 5min

4min Rest
32min MMA
11min Yoga n Stretch

So, originally I was thinking, "Oh, yea! This will be a shorter workout than the other two!"


That's funny, Hannah!

Ah, well! I once again feel victorious!

Warning: I might be using the word "victorious" a bit more, especially since I've never been so consistent with such long workouts without dying. It really is a great endurance challenge and has lots of strength challenges in the beginning with the circuit - which is the most strenuous part.

It's totally worth it!

The Wolverine Workout Wednesday Routine – Back & Biceps

8min Tabata Warm-Up: 50sec Hard 10sec Rest
1st Round - Jump Rope.                                5th Round - Mt Climbers 
2nd Round - L. Single-Arm DB Swing            6th Round - Plank Jacks 
3rd Round - R. Single-Arm DB Swing            7th Round - Planks Twists 
4th Round - Burpee                                       8th Round - Spider-Man Planks
 1min Rest 

Do 4 Sets:
12 reps Pull-Ups 
12 reps Dumbbell Rows (20lbs)
10 reps Bodyweight Rows (20lbs)
10 reps Incline Dumbbell Curls (15lbs)
8 reps Zottman Bicep Curls (15lbs) 3rd n 4th time used 10lbs)
8 reps Cross Body Curls (4 each side) (15lbs)
8 reps Pronated Curls (15lbs)
4min Rest and Stretch
5min MMA Techniques (1st Side Kick and Spin Side Kick; 2nd Spin Side Kick to Side Hammer to Front Hammer; 3rd Cover&Advance to Palm to Spin Side Kick)

4min Rest

(Notice, 24min of cardio done already) ;]

The Wolverine Workout Cardio For Wednesday = 32min (below)

10 min MMA Fight Combo: 
building off of the "Cover&Advance to Palm to Spin Side Kick" from above

2min Rest

20min Fight Combo: Two-Sided MMA Knife Fight w/2 Bad Guys
          Starting Stance: R. Front Stance w/Reversed Knife in Back L. Hand
          Combo: to 1st BG (in front) R. Overhead Block n Duck, L. Knife Hook & L. Reverse Knife Strike (to groin) and L. Front Kick
                        to 2nd BG (behind) L. Reverse Side-Hammer Knife Strike and R. Roundhouse and R. Reverse Elbow Strike and L. Overhead (reversed) Hammer Knife Strike
                        to 3rd BG (behind) Duck, Side Kick, Reversed Knife Hammer Strike to Palm Strike to Knife Hook to Uppercut to Double Knee Strike

11min Yoga and Stretch

***note: I do use a fake, special, "Training Knife" not a real one.

January 27, 2015

Jacked Up Wolverine Workout - Legs and Abs - Tuesday

The Wolverine Workout Tuesday Routine – Legs & Abs

The Quick Review on my timing for this workout:
Tues (Jan 27) = Total = 99:30min
Warm-up = 8min

Definitely feel free to break up this workout into 2-3 days or cut reps or cut sets to make it work with your schedule!

The Workout:

Circuit 1: Total = 54:30min
1st Strength Round 7min
10min Rest n MMA Practice (like Back Kicks)
2nd Strength Round 6min
10min Rest n MMA Practice 
3rd Strength Round 6min
10min Rest n MMA Practice 
4th Strength Round 5:30min

5min Rest 

22min MMA Knife Fight Combo
10min Yoga and Stretch

I did not want to do the yoga and stretching, in anyway whatsoever. But I did, cause reminded myself that my limbs and what-not would feel better for it.


8min Tabata Cardio Warm-Up: 8 Rounds of 50 sec Hard, 10 sec Rest
Jump Rope
Row (15lbs)
KB Swing (30lbs)

Circuit [Do 4 sets]:
12 Reps Hanging Leg Raises (or Lying Down Leg Raises)
10 Reps Plank-ups
10 Reps Back Squat (two 20lbs dumbbells)
10 Reps Front Squat (two 20lbs dumbbells)
10 Reps Lunge (5 each side)
14 Reps Weighted Calf Raise (20lbs dumbbells)
10 Reps Hanging Knee Raises (or Resisted Frog Press)
10 Reps Decline Resisted Sit-Ups (or Weighted V-Ups - w/20lb dumbbell)
5min Rest
5min MMA [1st Back Kick, 2nd (R.Dagger & L. Flipped Knife) R. Back Kick to R. Reverse Elbow to L. Overhead-Hammer, 3rd add duck (to front BG) to L. Overhead-Forearm Block to R. Uppercut-Dagger]

5min Rest (only after completing 4sets, rest before the long cardio)

The MMA (Cardio) Workout For Tuesday = total of 22min

22min Fight Combo: Three-Sided MMA Knife Fight w/5 Bad Guys
          Starting Stance: L. Front Stance with Knife in back right Hand
          Combo: to 1st BG (in front) L. Overhead Forearm Block to R. Knife Uppercut & Front Kick
                        to 2nd BG (behind) R. Reverse Knife-Hammer Block, & R. Side Kick & R. Knife-Hammer Strike and L. Overhead-Hammer Strike 
                        to 3rd BG (in front) L. Side Kick & L. Elbow Strike & R. Hammer 
                        to 4th BG (in L. Behind) R. Flip Knife in R. Hand to Backwards Jab and Back Kick
                        to 5th BG (behind) R. Reverse Knife-Hammer Strike, R. Side Kick, L. Roundhouse to 2 L. Elbow Strikes to R. Overhead Hammer-Knife Strike

Jacked Up Wolverine Workout - Arms and Chest - Sunday

I was inspired by one of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine workout plans. He changes up his workout plans for each film to challenge himself in different ways. I do no remember which Wolverine film he was preparing for when he did this workout with the trainer, David Kingsbury.

"The Wolverine Workout Monday routine starts with a Chest & Arms workout, followed by 45 minutes of low-impact cardio on an empty stomach. The key is that do weightlifting and cardio before the first meal of the day to burn fat."

Here is the link to read the full article: http://www.popworkouts.com/hugh-jackman-workout-wolverine/

Now, in my version, I did not do it till the afternoon and I did it on Sunday, but that's ok. Also I turned the weight lifting section into a strengthening-cardio. Because I am going through all of the exercises in that circuit as fast as I can (in a slow and controlled way), while still keeping good form and only giving myself enough seconds of recovery between each exercise. Thus, upping the calorie torch.
After completely all those exercises, I rest and maybe do a little stretching and drink some water, and then do 4min of resting/cardio (I practiced Mixed Martial Arts. You could continue to rest). - This all equals 1 Set. 

Depending on your fitness level you could do more. I did 4 sets, cause that is what Hugh Jackman did and I believed I was fit enough to do so. Granted, after the 1st set I mentally wanted to be done, but I pushed myself, and then had the mentality of stubburn refusal to give up. Resulting to an accomplished feeling of getting my goals done.

I confess, the 2min rest was NOT enough though. Because, when I was trying to practice my Spinning Side Kick in the 4min following rest - boy was I sloppy! So if I want my technique to be good, I need to let my body recover more from the exertion. Next time, I'm tacking on 2-4 more minutes of rest before my 4min resting/cardio, which is completely optional for any level. Meaning you don't even have to do the 4 min cardio part between sets, just rest, stretch, drink, water, let your body recover, whatever.

Sunday Workout of Arm and Chest (and calves)

8min Tabata Jump Rope Warm-Up: 50sec Hard 10sec Rest (Do 8 Rounds)
1st Round - Jump Rope.                                5th Round - Jumping Jacks
2nd Round - Jump Rope.                               6th Round - Jack Squats
3rd Round - High Jump Rope.                       7th Round - Jump Rope 
4th Round - High Knee Jog Jump Rope        8th Round - Jump Rope (Arm-Switch)

Circuit 1a [Do 4 sets]:
10 reps Dumbbell Bench Press (30lbs)
10 reps Dumbbell Shoulder Press (15lbs)
10 reps Dumbbell Behind-the-Neck Press (15lbs)
5min Rest n Stretch (instead of 1min)
4min MMA (1st Side Kick, 2nd L. Spin Side Kick, 3rd R. Spin Side Kick, 4th Spin Side Kick both sides)

Circuit 1b [Do 3 sets]:
10 reps Cuban press (15lbs)
10 reps Dips 
12 reps Tricep Press (20lbs)
8 reps Lat Raises (10lbs)
8 reps Front Raises  (10lbs)
8 reps Rear Shoulder Flys  (15lbs)
8 reps Overhead Press  (15lbs)

4min Rounds (1st L. Spin Hook Kick; 2nd R. Spin Hook Kick)

Notice, I have already done 32 minutes of cardio (in the warm-up and between strength sets), and my goal is at least 45min, cause that is what Hugh Jackman did). But you don't have to do any cardio if you don't want to. You can just do the cardio between sets or no cardio between sets and do all 45 min of cardio after the strengthening portion - whatever works for you, whatever makes you happy and makes you feel accomplished.

Cardio For Sunday: 14min

7min Rounds (on each side) (build on if bored)
R. Hollow-Out to R. Hook punch to L. Cross Punch to R. Round Kick to R. Double Elbow Strike to L. Overhead Hammer Strike to L. Back Kick to L. Forearm Block to R. Uppercut (stomach)

10min Yoga n Stretch 

My Time (on Sunday, Jan. 25) was 79min. The strengthening circuits in total took me 55 minutes with the 2min rest and 4min MMA practice.


Circuit 1a:

Dumbbell Bench Press (I lied on the floor)

Dumbbell Shoulder Press 

Dumbbell Behind-the-Neck Press (but I used dumbbells)

Side Kick - follow this link: http://youtu.be/S62icvCN6kM

 Spin Side Kick (don't do this if you've never done just the Side Kick. Perfect the Side Kick FIRST)
If you do have the Side Kick down, then Follow this tutorial: http://youtu.be/UjXVOuBDjU0

Circuit 1b:

Cuban press 

Dips (up n down)

Tricep Press (except I did on the floor)

Lat Raises 

Front Raises  

 Rear Shoulder Flys  (these are all examples of different ways this could be done)

Overhead Press 

Lower the weights or up the weights

Beginners, I would recommend, cutting rounds in half. Or only doing one of the strenghtening circuits.
Or set a time limit (if you only have a certain amount of time to workout), like 20-32 minutes, more or less?

*Stretching is important, because helps you execute the exercises more fluidly.

At the end of this I feel great! Like a beast!

Ok, so I actually I felt tired and beat up, like I just got done fighting hard and came out victorious! But wanted to just relax and chill out. =D

January 26, 2015

Half-Done Cinnamon Roll Pie (Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, Soy, n Nut Free Free)


I did not see that comin'!

I followed this recipe on pintrist, but made a couple modifications from the original "Cinnamon Roll Pie" recipe done by the Earth Balance company.

And it tastes so delicious! I'd eat the whole thing at once if I could, but that would involve an exploding stomach and be no fun! 

Alas, let's get to the recipe, eh?

Here are some of the main ingredients...

For the Dough:
2 3/4 c Betty Crocker's GF All-Purpose Flour
3 T plus 1/8 c Truvia
1 t Baking Powder
1/2 t Baking Soda
2 t Apple Cider Vinegar
6 T Earth Balance Buttery Spread (with no soy version) (melted)
3/4 c Rice Milk plus more to make a nice firm ball 
           [probably 4-6 T more - I added by the tablespoon till it made the dough a nice non-crumbly ball, which I do no recollect how many more tablespoons that was. Sorry! I will try to remember next time I make em!]

For the Filling:
Heaping 3/4 Truvia
5 T All-Purpose Flour
1 T Cinnamon 
6 T Earth Balance Buttery Spread (melted)

It's really quite simple now.


1st Mix all the ingredients for the dough. (Mix for about 1-2, maybe 3 minutes is fine too, just till the dough becomes a ball)

2nd Mix all the ingredients for the filling

3rd Roll out 2/3 of the dough (set us for top part of pie) and put in bottom of standard 9" pie pan. (I rolled the base out on the parchment paper, so I could just lift the delicate, flat dough into the pie pan and gently press the dough into pie pan more fittingly.

4th Spread about 2/3 of the filling into the base of the dough.

5th Roll Out the last 1/3 of the dough for the top part of the pie on another piece of parchment paper. And then lift the parchment paper, flip it upside on top of the filling and base-dough.
           (This part was probably the trickiest to get on, cause mine ended slightly lopsided, so I had to move it more centered. And of course, cause the flattened dough is so fragile it ripped several times during the process. But that's ok, cause it sticks back together reall nice like when gently pressed together.)

6th Bake at 400 degrees for 20min.

I cut my circles not in pie form. 

Oh! And it's called "Half-Done" cause it's sooo sweet as is without a sweet glaze to go on top.

In fact, I am considering making it less sweeter? What say you?